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The Tennis Nerds was founded in May of 2013 by Joey Hanf, a Journalism Student at Ithaca College. Having written on a wide variety of subjects, Hanf is admittedly still trying to find the focus of this website. From simple match previews and recaps, to investigative work, The Tennis Nerds tend to stray in many different directions. The site may go through weeks or even months of dry spells–with school and work Hanf tends to be fairly busy.

Our niche? Well, we don’t really have one. We love the four Majors as much as the next guy, and often times that is what we’ll write about. We also enjoy the minor leagues of tennis. Challengers and Futures may actually be our strongest point of knowledge.

One thing is for sure: having reported from multiple Tour-level events, we believe there is a significant gap in tennis journalism. There are many who turn a blind eye on the dark side of the sport–yes, there’s a dark side. We want to give our readers as much access as we can. Instead of writing only the feel-good stories, we’ll be hard pressed to find the truth, report facts, and analyze critically.

Have a tip? Story idea? Business inquiry? Email: joey.hanf@gmail.com


19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I understand your love for the one handed backhand (the look of it), but seeing how you’re a two-hander, how can you not idolize even one player who specializes in that department?? It’s a bit unusual, but to each their own I guess 🙂 Personally, I feel more of a connection with a player who I can relate my game to, a la Novak who has one of the best 2 handed backends I’ve ever seen. Anyways, just my 2 cents…keep up the good writing!

    • Novak’s 2 hander is unbelievable, and I’ve tried to model mine after his!(Not easy) I get what you’re saying. The reason I like the 1 hander is the difficulty of it. I experimented with a 1 hander back in the day and realized how much skill and strength it takes. The look of it is also pretty awesome haha. Thanks!

    • I am the guy from Maryland who sat behind you in the Warwinka-Bagdhatis match. What did you think of Warwinka beating Murray?

  2. great stuff you got here man; wish you took appreciation more to the power players like jmdp, Tsonga, and berdych; those guys make me love tennis. would love to see your stuff make headlines some day.

    • Thanks man, we really appreciate it. It’s people like you that are going to help us get there. We’re big fans of Tsonga and Delpo! I just prefer the touch players a little more.

  3. Joey, I have one topic for your thought. Who would be the next super legend after Federer, who could lead the ATP world for 5 years or longer? In the past 3 years, I thought that Djokovic and Nadal would be on the list. However, I felt that they are running out of time. I am unable to find any potential ones, particularly those young US young players, who would challenge the record of Federer, Sampras or the previous generations. This situation also happens in PGA tour.

    • Wow K.C., you’re throwing a big question out here haha. Predicting the next superstar player very tough, and to the extent of Federer’s dominance just about impossible. However, we can make some estimated guesses right? Although junior success does not always translate into a great pro career, the Junior ranks are the best way of gauging the competition at the younger levels. A few names:

      Nick Kygios: You’ve probably heard the name, and he really is a great talent. Big serve, big forehand, and a Safin like backhand.

      Michael Mmoh: Relatively unknown, I believe Mmoh has the most potential of any American junior. He just turned 16, and can already serve 130mph consistently. More importantly he is an extremely good athlete with a great build.

      Borna Coric: 17, won the US Open Juniors last year, and has already played Davis Cup for Croatia. He trained with Rafa this offseason and many tout him to be a future star.

  4. Joey, for you and your friends who are interested in the one-handed backhand, I’m developing a new video site that collects much of the instructional and player videos on Youtube and focuses completely on the one-hander. I’ve still got a couple of months work before it’s ready to launch, but anyone can sign up to be notified at onehanders.com. I’d love for you to take a look.


  5. Hi, nice blog!

    Any thoughts/inside scoop on the fishy Sony Open semi withdrawals?

  6. no posts in over a month 😦

  7. Hey- is the podcast on iTunes?

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