The Tweener Podcast: Episode 4

It’s episode 4 of The Tweener Podcast, and Joey and Zach are back at it following a week off post-Australian Open. Tweener of the week is followed by an interesting debate regarding Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. We then try out a create-your-own player game based on nationality. Finally, we introduce the 2nd installment of our Stick It Wear?! competition, this time taking place in Rio de Janeiro. Enter your picks before main draw play begins to have a chance at a free t shirt! Read below for all details on how to enter.

Podcast Shortcuts


00:00–Introduction (It’s funny this week)

01:53–Tweener of the Week

03:42–Discussing this poll
 Shirt of The Week: “The Man”

4 thoughts on “The Tweener Podcast: Episode 4

  1. Juan Monaco (55)
    Jack Sock (23)
    The Dog (31)

  2. Isner (12)
    Cuevas (35)
    Monaco (55)

  3. Serbian Frankenplayer –

    FH Tipsy
    BH Lajovic
    Serve Krajinovic
    Movement Novak
    Feel Zimonjuic

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