Why All Of You (The Readers) Are Awesome



Sometimes, in fact all the time, it’s good to just say thanks. I think as I write and focus on tennis so much, I forget sometimes to remember how important each one of you really are. Why should you care what I have to say, or what I write? But you do, and that means everything to me. I’m a journalism student in college who has a dream of becoming a tennis writer, and you guys are helping me believe that I can reach that goal.

By no means is this blog a huge hit on the internet. But here’s how I look at it: @TheTennisNerds has 618 followers on twitter, along with another 90 facebook fans. So put 700 people in a big auditorium, and imagine having to present something to those people. That’s how I try to treat everything I write, tweet, or share. At times it can seem like I’m just a tiny fish in a huge lake, but then I remember that if I have an affect even on one person with what I write, then that is more than enough.

To be honest, after the French Open, I wasn’t sure I could keep the motivation to write. But slowly our readership and views began to grow, and then I started interacting with some of you guys, and never again have I had that problem. So today, as we finish up our Q&A series, and start into the Asian swing, I thought it was the right time to just say thanks. You might not feel important as you read one of our posts, but just remember that you’re the only reason that The Tennis Nerds exist.

Sure, I want this site/blog to grow into a household name, but I feel like I’ve already connected with so many people. I truly do love tennis, and there is nothing in the world I would rather play, watch, write, or talk about.

So yeah. Thanks to all of you. You guys are awesome! Feel like talking tennis? Leave a comment, tweet at us, or email me! And remember, share us with your friends!


One thought on “Why All Of You (The Readers) Are Awesome

  1. I enjoy your columns, so please don’t stop…keep posting.

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