French Open Final Preview



When Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer take to the court, it will be for the 24th time they have faced off. Nadal holds a  19 – 4 record against Ferrer including the last 8 times they have played. Many people think that Nadal will run straight through Ferrer and that the match with Djokovic was the unofficial final. I am pretty much in agreement with the rest of the people. I do not believe that Ferrer has the belief to defeat Nadal in a 3/5 set match. He has done it twice before, but Nadal has been hurt both times. I think Nadal will come out a little tight. Ferrer has nothing to lose and will play exactly like it. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this matchup. Ferrer is not big enough, nor powerful enough to hit through Rafa and will certainly not out grind him on the clay. His only chance is to continue to rip his backhand down the line like he did in Madrid and Rome against Rafa, and attack the net consistently. Those are things he is not comfortable doing consistently. The good news for Ferrer is that he will have plenty of energy for this match, having not dropped a set yet in the tournament. Still, I don’t think he believes he can dethrone the king of clay and Nadal will go on to win his 8th French Open title. Nadal in 4 grinding sets to end this year’s French Open.

Nadal win


And a quick shout out to the Bryan Brothers who have won this year’s French and Australian Open titles. Should be interesting to see how they finish the year.


3 thoughts on “French Open Final Preview

  1. Nice read, pretty much a slam dunk or I guess an easy overhead in this case

  2. During French Open semifinal between nadal and djokovic, I’m surprised that readers are not really outraged about novak wanting to stop play in the 5th set (end of 5th set) just to have the court watered – he wanted to slow the court down so nadal’s ball would have as much bounce so he would have the advantage. He is one that would do or say anything to win. Bad, very bad gamesmanship.

  3. i know my buddy joey would certainly agree with you. i agree with for the most part. Novak was doing just fine in that set even when the ball was jumping up. And that one small mental lapse was the only thing Nadal needed to break Djokovic the next game and win the match. So yes, just shut up and play.

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