Djokovic vs Nadal Video Preview+Prediction

Hey guys! I’m proud to bring you guys our first video blog! Watch until the end to hear my pick! Please leave some feedback on the video in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Djokovic vs Nadal Video Preview+Prediction

  1. I listened to all your points.

    However, I think you are wrong. This is Nadal’s best surface.

    If Nadal wins the first set, I think he will beat Djokovic in 3 tight sets.

    However, my prediction is Nadal in 4 sets

    • I agree with you that if Rafa wins the first set he’ll win the match, I just don’t think he’ll win the first set. It’s a toss up for sure. Thanks for your thoughts and make sure to share us with your friends!

  2. I think I told you Rafa was going to win. This is his best surface and he is difficult to beat on Phillippe Chartier!

    I was wrong in the amount of sets, but He won.

  3. you were wrong!!!

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